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So I am at the store looking for Spicy Mexican dip (the best dip ever) and I can't find it. I go to another supermarket and still none there. It seems the dip company have updated their dip line up, but not included Spicy Mexican. I don't even know what is in the dip, so I don't know what type to look for. But I saw another brand of dip called Spicy Capsicum and it said "for a spicy Mexican kick", so I bought it.

Also, as I was walking to the bus stop from the shopping centre, it started to rain. It was fairly heavy rain so I started running to the nearby petrol station. Literally 5 seconds later I am already saturated and slow down to walking speed as there is not point running. I get to the petrol station and wait for the rain to stop. By the time I get my jacket out of my bag and put it on the rain stops...
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