I am moving to Brisbane in the middle of June. I got a job at a different mine, within the same company, in Northern Queensland.


I was going to make an entry, but I can't be fucked.

I'm gonna watch star wars and eat noodles.

Oh. Oh. Oh. By the way...

So I am in Adelaide from the 14th till the 29th, primarily for my Dad's 60th on the 18th. This is my incomplete list of things to do there.

* Villis pies
* Fish and chips
* Chicken schnitzels
* At Hawker's Corner
* Alcohol
* Family
* Friends from High School/Uni/The Internets
* Inland Empire at Palace/Nova
Go to:
* The beach
* The city

That is all that I can think of for now.


Preface for foreigners: Over here they have these green mesh bags you can buy for 99c that are meant to replace plastic shopping bags to save the environment and stuff. You take them with you to the shop and give them to the checkout person and they use that instead of plastic bags.

So, a couple times I have been at the checkout, and they are filling plastic bags with my stuff, and I say "I've got a green bag", while getting the green bag out of my backpack, and they just look at me like I am retarded while continuing to put groceries in the plastic bag.

Why do they look at me like I am retarded? Because my backpack is green. I am standing there with my green backpack saying "I've got a green bag."
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I rode my bike today. I left at about 10:30 am and got back at about 3:20 pm. I went up this hill and at the top I got a slow puncture in my tyre. My plan was to try and fix the hole when I got to this town, but when pumping it up I broke the nozzle on the tyre, so I wouldn't be able to fix it. I only had $6 on me and no cards and bike tubes are usually around $10. So I was sort of stuck 15 km from my home with no money and no way to fix my bike.
But at this town they had a bank and they let me take out $20 with no ID or card by giving them my password and details. So I was able to buy a tube from this bike store and get home.

Edit: and I am all sunburnt
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